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p0ison1vy [userpic]

hee. hoo. hee. hoo. one. two. one. two. pusshhhhhhh

July 10th, 2008 (09:45 pm)
current song: santogold

Do you ever have days where everything irritates you? Where every song is an assault to the ears, every friend just seems mind numbingly stupid, and all attempts at escaping the foul mood, futile? 
Okay, my real question is, don't you fucking hate being sober? Fuck, it's the worst.
God Grey's Anatomy sucks. Almost as much as being sober.  

I had babies.

Meet Walter

And Perry

They are cool dudes. At least I think they're dudes, Perry for instance doesn't appear to have any testicles... Or at least not yet, he-- or it, is still a baby. Everyday I cross my fingers so that they'll pop outta there..  If Perry isn't a male, I'll have a pregnant rat on my hands. And then what do I do with a litter of baby rats?? D:

Hmm, what else has happened since I last updated...
I got my septum pierced. 

And some cheap ass contacts.

Became a stoner

Tried Salvia. 

Got lost, got found, and I'll never be the same.

Also, I finished highschool... Became addicted to ebay. And am currently in the process of being kicked out by my mother.  
I'm leaving, and I don't know where I'm going yet. I'm happy to leave though. Everyday is a neverending blitzkrieg of verbal abuse from my mother, telling me I'm the devil, stupid, demon possessed, a pig, not welcome in her house, I need to pack my bags and leave right now, etc. All, unprovoked by me. Most likely due to progressing brain degeneration, as is only inevitable.
I'm aiming to leave at the beginning of August. However, I've barely gotten ANY hours from McDonalds recently, so I don't know. it depends on how much I save up. 

Anyways, if y'all haven't seen the movie Fantastic Planet, I highly suggest you do, it's my fav. Visionary.

I'm bored as shit and I don't know what else I'm gonna do.