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October 25th, 2008 (01:24 pm)

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Hello livejournal,
You are ineluctably asking yourself, what has been going on in Stefan's life lately? Well, I would be glad to narrate such a tale! Hither, I will tell you my story.

The day after my previous entry, I nabbed myself a place in Halifax with an internet friend I'd met through some gay site, who I assumed was Indian because he had theretofore been staying in India studying with a yogi guru-- and well, he looks Indian. Surprised was I to find that he is but a mere Irishman! Surprised and puzzled, as he really does look Indian. In fact, I still think he is, he just doesn't know it. But I suppose I wouldn't tell my son if I was trollipin' my ass around Little India, either. I wish my mom was a slut :(

Anyhow, he had a nice upscale condo and a Mustang [Buddhist yoga teachers have such possessions??]  where I spent most of my time for about two weeks. I immediately called Gary, asking if I could come back and live with him, as he had been begging me to, before I left-- and upon rejection, promised that I could always come live with him if things didn't work out.
He talked it over with his roommate, and concluded that yes I could. I was happy!
But then a few days later he abruptly sent me an email, "I talked it over some more with my roommate and it's not going to work out, sorry." Dismayed was I! I couldn't go back to live with my mom, I would shit if I had to stay with my dad, I had run out of friends in Nova Scotia-- I just couldn't stand being there anymore! But, I decided I would have to make things work, and live with the decision I made. I spent the two weeks at this friend's place responding to adds for roommates, tenants, and jobs. I got a response immediately from a Tim Hortons, the manager however said that I could have the job once I was settled down. I was confused and indifferent, as I didn't really want a job there anyways, I only applied in case all else failed. Finding a room was a larger issue, however. I viewed a few places, responded to about a million adds, still didn't have much luck. The girls at my first viewing seemed really cool, I guess they didn't like me though, I got a vibe. I'm too weird for random people to want me as a roommate. Nobody wants some weird guy living with them.

After the week or two at my friend's place, I had to leave, as this friend was leaving for New Zealand, for more Yoga training. But I had not nabbed myself an apartment yet, and I had no more friends to stay with!
My last resort: Kijiji! I posted some adds on there "18 year-old boy needs a place to stay for a few days" got a few responses, mostly from crusty boy-hungry old men, and a few responses from people looking for a roommate. I ended up staying with one of these crusty boy-hungry old men-- I'd say he was probably around 50, named Junior, although I don't think that's his REAL name.
I was forthright in my unwillingness to do anything sexual with him, and made it clear that I had no way to compensate for my stay. He was okay with that, and he turned out to be a pretty nice man, and the stay was helpful. He sat at his computer jerking off a lot, assuming I, in my room was unaware. Hah! I've jerked off at computers enough to know when someone else is doing it. He also has this little 16 year-old 'friend' [part-time hustler, I believe] who would come around sometimes. I don't know why this kid hang's around that old man, he was hot. I'd pay for that shit any day. Hollaaa. Junior tried to convince me that this kid was jealous of me being there, as if he had feelings for him. Yeah right, more like he's just a regular 16 year-old who doesn't always want to be harassed by some fat old man with a smelly old boner for him.
I had been bringing my rat Walter around with me everywhere this whole time, mind you. He seemed to enjoy Junior's place the most. I suppose because he had a lot of room to run around, and I often let him out, Junior didn't mind.
One negative aspect of this stay was that he didn't have a spare key, so when I went out for jobs and viewings, I would come home and have no way back inside for extended periods of time. Which were spent standing around listening to my mp3 player.

The last apartment viewing I made, the one I thought I'd take [the woman wanted someone immediately], was a little troll, or leprechan, or something. She was nice, but I couldn't help but be frightened by her appearance, and comrades, I am not a shallow fellow. She was very short, very fat, teeth: very far apart, hair: ratty, knees: unbendable-- she walked around by sidestepping, she would put one side of her body forward and then swing the other side to meet it. So basically she was a friendly little troll, who was obviously lonely and wanted someone else in her apartment as soon as possible. Her kids were all moved out, all she had was a 2-bedroom apartment and a caboodle of cats. The 'viewing' was mostly spent sitting in her living room, discussing cats. I had a moment, sitting in that chair petting her cats, where I realised: Nova Scotia wasn't for me, it was rejecting me, spitting me out! Nova scotia did not want me there, every aspect of my stay there had been telling me this!

So after the awkward task of politely ending the discussion of cats and segueing into leaving, I called my dad to ask if I could stay with him for a few days while I would look for a place in the GTA. His response was an infuriating yes; "yes, but you have to start being normal", to quote him. The specifications were: I'd have to change my appearance completely or he would not let me set a foot inside, I could not bring my rat, I would have to start acting normal, etc. He was telling me I have to start acting like an adult, he wants to be proud of me and I haven't made him proud, etc. Of course, this made me very angry, although I didn't express it. After this phonecall with my dad, I called a youth shelter, the following day went and talked to a nice, cool girl. I came again the following day as she invited me back, and she got me a room at a shelter. I went to the shelter, and... Well, it was nice, in that I got my own room, but I just felt that I couldn't do it. The other kids there just seemed to glower as I walked by, and if you know anything about youth shelters, they are extremely strict. So, I got my file, I got my room, sat in my bed for about a minute, and then left. I booked a train ticket back to ontario, and am now back home, in Barrie. For now, the agreement is that I will be paying some rent every month. 
Oh, and I never called or anything when I left the shelter and didn't come back. Which was bad of me but I don't know. I don't know why I didn't call to tell them I didn't need it but I didn't.

The train sucked. It was long, boring, and hard on the ass. Also, the locks on the bathrooms don't work. Thus an old lady opened the door as my naked ass was hovering over the toilet, penis aswing [I never sit in public bathrooms: germs, crabs, herpes, etc.]. She apologised profusely, I blushed profusely. That was the icing on the cake for my stay at Nova Scotia.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, am I happy here? Actually, I am content. The day after I got back, I got a job at WIS International, as an Inventory Associate. The job itself is a lot better than Mcdonalds, although the hours aren't -- my wakeup times so far have been 4am, 5am, 6am, and there is no guarante for a certain amount of hours in a given week. Next thursday I believe I will be recieving my first paycheck, albeit a small one, as it will only be for about 4 days of work. I work later today actually, my first afternoon shift. I will start getting ready in about an hour. Another good thing about the job is that it starts off at 9$/ hour, with lots of opportunity to advance.

There is a little more to tell: Gary actually talked to me again a couple weeks ago, "Actually I do want you to move in with me now, my roommates moving out in December" so, now the plan is to move in with him after all, eventually. I would like to stay here in Barrie as long as I can because, shit, I don't want to be paying 400$ a month yet! I want to make as much money as I can here in Barrie.

Also, as soon as I got back to Barrie I bought a new baby rat to replace Perry, this time I made sure it was male. I have deemed him Terr after the main character in my favorite movie Fantastic Planet. He and Walter get along well, but he is very skittish and is still quite afraid of me even after a couple of weeks. I can't remember how I got Walter and Perry to trust me, it was probably that I smoked weed in my room a lot, making them mellow. So I guess the next order of business is buy a new smoking device, and some weedz! I plan on getting a vaporizer, got my eye on the Herbalaire. also, I plan on buying a Ps3.
Yestarday, I bought a low-end digital camcorder. Why, you may ask-- because I'm going to be an amateur porn model! No, I'm not kidding. Why not make MONEY from my n00dz? People see them for free already! TONS of people! One can make a LOT of money from this. Thousands of dollars in one month, just from taking nakie videos of yourself. I'm still in the process of registering, there's an aspect of my contract I don't understand, so I'm waiting for a response to a query, and then i'm good to go! I actually would like to register on a few sites for maximum revenue, as the sites take 50% of what you make.



Her stairs, and one of many cats.

I took this before I went into the shelter for the first time. I was nervous.

Leaving Halifax in the train. What IS that big long thing above the trains?

Here I am on the train

A disturbing mural in Truro NS, obviously painted under the influence of psychedelics.


It snowed a few days ago.

Friend trying on the shoes I bought her.