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what iz eyez?

November 29th, 2008 (11:14 pm)
current song: song for the siren - cocteau twins

Got me some new eyez. I dont like them that much, theyre too dark for my liking-- in real life anyways. in bright light the color is intense, otherwise you can barely tell theyre in.
and here are some pictures of snow. i took them when the power went out and i was bored and a little scared.

Also I bought a ps3. I currently own Little Big Planet and Mirrors Edge. Im having troubles setting it up online, hope i can get it fixed soon. when i try to connect it says DNS error.
by now you might have noticed my lack of apostrophes; this keyboard is broken, apparently. whenever i try to insert apostraphes it gives me an È. oh well, we got a keyboard with our new computer.

new computer you say! well-- at the beginning of the week the computer crashed, I wasnt even using it when it happened, which is surprising. i just came home from work, went to bed, and the next morning my mom told me the computer crashed.
i tried to fix it, i even went out and paid 300 bucks for the xp software, because im an idiot obviously. that didnt work. so we went and bought a new computer last night! its not great, only about 600 bucks. but at least its newer, we paid the same amount for our last computer, but 4 years ago.
so I type this to you from a brand spankin new computer. The only things not spankin are, the keyboard as you can see, the mouse, monitor and speakers. i told her it would be best to just buy the processor on its own.

so now I have a new computer at my disposal, and an unused copy of windows xp. ill be hitting up kijiji and possibly ebay in the near future.

does anyone else find Agent Cooper from Twin peaks to be quite the saucy dish.

cause i totally wanna tap that shit. with my weiner.

you should also watch this video. Im going to run away and join these guys. if I ever get the opportunity, I will.


Posted by: Clearwater (clearwater88)
Posted at: November 30th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)

i like the eyes.

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