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Put Your Thinking-Caps On

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My name is Stefan. I don't do anything.
10:30pm, 2001 a space odyssey, 4, 70s, 80s, abused boys, activists, agoraphobia, alex grey, aliens, androgyny, anime, art, artists, arundhati roy, astrobiology, atheism, avant garde, avoidants, big eyes, big heads, bipolar kids, bishounen, bizarre, boners, bunnies, bush babies, cats, chinese pastry, chronopolis, civil libertarianism, coconut, cosmetic surgery, creativity, curry, cyber, daria, david lynch, dennis konstantin, desperate boys, diane cluck, divine, ex-jehovah's witnesses, exploitation, extra-terrestrial life, fantastic planet, fantastic realism, fashion, film, finding a best friend, foreskin, forests, front-teeth that slant back, funny little videos, futurism, gay things, gottfried helnwein, gums, gurdjieff, harmony korine, home movies, homosexuality, honesty, hot pink, inland empire, innocence, japan, joanna newsom, john waters, junko mizuno, k, kawaii noir, kid drawings, kids like me, kimya dawson, light eyes, little lips, little teeth, lonely kids, losers, loveless, low self-esteem, macabre, marijuana, mark ryden, meloncholy, metaphysics, militant atheists, milkshakes, miss van, mysticism, narcissism, nerds, nipples, oprah, other people's dreams, outcasts, people who resemble fish, people with disabilities, photography, pop psychology, prozac, psychedelics, psychonauts, pumpkin pie, quantum realism, quiet kids, radical socialism, raspberry reich, rats, reading, recluses, retro, richard dawkins, richard linklater, ritsuka, sad songs, sam paints, scandanavia, sci fi, science, science fiction, self-awareness, shiori matsumoto, shonen-ai, shyness, soft boys, space, space fashion, speculation, surrealism, the black angels, the cosmos, the disenfranchised, the fountain, the sims, thursdays, todd solondz, vintage, virgins, waifs, weird, white, wide-set eyes, willow creatures, wisdom, xiu xiu, yaoi