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p0ison1vy [userpic]

how can i save this journal to my computer?

September 4th, 2009 (03:24 pm)

current location: my room
current mood: melancholy
current song: mysteries of love - julee cruise

god, i want to delete this journal but i don't know if that would be right... part of me feels like i should save all the entries somewhere, even though i'm beyond too embarrassed to read them, right now.
is there an easy way I can save my entire archive of entries to my computer? like, without having to open each individual one?

I might open another online journal, but i'm not telling anyone the url, i don't want people i know reading it,
i might make it private, im not completely sure.
i think keeping a journal would be good for me right now, but i dont feel i can be completely honest on here, and i dont want certain people to know certain things. i need more annonymity. i might keep this journal alive though, for pictures, the odd update, and reading, I just need some place where I can sort my thoughts out...

and on the subject of advice, im considering getting a cell phone strictly for emergencies and work related things, a pay as you go sort of deal. anyone have any advice on the subject? i know nothing about cell phones


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